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Cloud accounting for businesses in regional WA

Cloud accounting for businesses in regional WA

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A quarter of WA’s 220,000 plus small businesses are located outside of the Perth metropolitan area, providing essential goods, services, employment opportunities, and so much more for their local communities.

Small businesses are critical to local communities, particularly in regional and rural areas of the state. Like other business owners across WA, regional operators are required to undertake a huge range of tasks across their business and understand many different areas of operations.

“Small business is not a small job. Many small business owners wear multiple ‘hats’ and take on a multitude of roles. At times, the challenges they face may be beyond their expertise,” said Small Business Development Corporation Manager Business Advisory Services, Lisa Legena.


No matter where a business is located, the ability to access financial data and a real-time view of the key numbers is essential from an operations standpoint. It can revolutionise the efficiency of financial administration for your business.

Regional Business owner? Is your company using a Cloud accounting solution?

Still using traditional methods of desktop accounting software or Excel spreadsheets to manage your accounts? Cloud-based accounting allows those businesses in regional WA to improve performance and efficiency, reducing errors, saving valuable time and money.

Cloud accounting has the same functionality as “desktop” accounting but moves the process from a hard drive on a computer (that requires backups, updates, and multi-handling of data) to an unlimited storage space in the cloud, then expands on it.

Removed is the need to log into an actual desktop application and wait for figures to be updated – instead businesses login to the cloud server to access up to date financials, link live bank accounts, look at live cash flow, and even plan future spending.

It is ideal for regional businesses who demand fast access to financial figures and breakdowns or are going through a period of growth and require detailed reporting and KPI metrics with their accountant.

Key Benefits of a Cloud accounting system for your regional business

  • Time Saving Automation. Integrating add-ons like HR, Payroll and Automatic Invoice Generators streamlines simply what it is your business needs from the system.
  • Work remotely. Access live figures on hand from anywhere, anytime, so long as there is an Internet connection.
  • Up to date figures and other essential data for business operations.
  • Safe and secure. Your data is saved on a secure cloud server and is constantly backed up – even if your computer crashes, your data is saved safely in the cloud.
  • Multiple users. Does your business operations require multiple users to access different areas of your account? Tailored permissions can be created so that people with specific tasks only see what they need to.  
  • Automatic updating. Software is regularly updated without users having to do anything.
  • Collaborate easily with your accountant – even if they are based in a different location. The ability to engage with your accountant regularly using live data allows for accurate management of business cash flow and implementation of financial and growth strategies.

Elevate your regional business to the Cloud

Elevate Accounting work with clients across WA to identify and implement appropriate systems to improve any business.

Elevate Accounting’s cloud solutions include:

  • Cloud Accounting
  • System Design and Implementation

Using Xero cloud solutions, Elevate Accounting can enhance business efficiency, offer specialist industry solutions and custom make your accounting system tailored specifically to your needs.

To learn more contact Elevate Accounting on (08) 9460 1040 or click HERE to book your obligation free chat with our experienced team.


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