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Exiting a Business in WA the right way

Selling a business in WA is a complicated process

When it’s time to move on, Elevate Accounting makes the process clear and easy to understand. We are able to break the process down into easy to manage stages and lead the process for start to finish.

Elevate Accounting Pty Ltd holds Australian Financial Services Licence number 510682. We are licensed with ASIC to assist companies to sell their equity to incoming buyers.


Increase the value of your Business
Much like painting the walls and doing the gardens before you sell the house, preparing a business is no different.

Elevate Accounting encourage our clients to leave no stone unturned when preparing their business for sale. We aim to maximise the business value, in order to ensure that the maximum offer is received and no money is ‘left on the table’.

Ideally, Elevate Accounting work with our clients for 2-years prior to the sale to ensure the business is fully prepared. We undertake a risk assessment of the business and “put ourselves in the shoes of a potential buyer” to determine what risks exist that would either prevent the business from selling or reduce the value of the sale. We then prioritise and address each of the risks with a view to reducing, mitigating or eliminating them.

Elevate Accounting can help with:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Increasing the business value
  • Preparing the business for sale

Succession Planning
Creating the perfect succession plan.

A business is generally the single largest investment many clients have. Elevate Accounting can help to ensure that business owners are able to plan their future exit from the business and ensure that they receive the maximum value after-tax. Making the succession of the business as smooth and as painless as possible.

Elevate Accounting helps business owners with:

  • Formulating a succession plan
  • Estate planning
  • Tax Reduction on sale

Selling a business
Streamline the business sale process.

The business sale process can be daunting and intimidating. Elevate Accounting work with our clients to clearly explain the process and manage the transaction. We play a valuable role in working for our clients to assist in managing the sale process on their behalf. Any sale transaction can be a distraction for the business, let alone when it is a significant and complex deal.

Elevate Accounting have close connections to many high net worth individuals and private equity groups, who are always interested in reviewing good businesses which are for sale.

Elevate Accounting helps business owners with:

  • Trade Sale
  • Management Buy-in / Buy-out
  • Family Succession