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Happiness Co.

Happiness Co is a social enterprise created to make the world a happier place by inspiring the people in it. We have the ultimate vision to reduce the impact that unhappiness, depression and anxiety have on our community. Our ability to create award-winning live events and engaging online programs makes us a social movement like no other.

"Happiness can change a life, even save one."

Connected By Inc.

Connected By is a creative space for learning sharing and growing that provides current and ex ADF personnel, first responders, and the general public the opportunity to learn share and grow through engaging and challenging creative pursuits.

A Not-For Profit Rehabilitation Activity Service Provider that provides the opportunity for people to learn and grow through engaging and challenging creative pursuits.
Connect By helps people move forward in creative ways.

The Human Excellence Project

The Human Excellence Project has been running since Sept 2018 and is staffed by 7 volunteers. It was founded by Paul Holliday. The group has over 200 people each week for this dawn ritual on the beaches of Perth Western Australia.

" We are a family of people who care and support each other every day. We start our days in control by re-writing the old outdated programming "