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Starting a new business in 2022?

Starting a new business in 2022?

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A new year brings with it new opportunities – and this includes starting a new business venture.

When starting a business, it is important to step off on the right foot.

But how do you begin?

There are different ways to approaching the start-up of your own business, however it is essential key financial and structural planning is set well before launch day.

With years of experience helping those in the start-up space, the Elevate Accounting team are well versed in helping new businesses to set them up for success.

“We are experts in the tech start-up space and are active in the Perth start-up eco-system. We understand the language and the unique challenges faced by tech businesses.”

elevate accounting – starting a business

Start-up Advice

We often hear about “overnight” business success stories, however, rarely do we learn about the journey it takes it get there.

While most business ideas hold weight, often the reality of funding, planning, and executing a high cost, limited revenue venture seems all too complex.

While the idea of start-ups may not have been a consideration at first, the agility, creativity, and ability to reduce financial pressures through different funding options can be extremely enticing.

Start-up businesses really are redefining the traditional ways of conducting business due to cutting-edge innovation.  

Elevate Accounting are leaders in this field and as a result, aim to make sure that new business enjoys the same access to quality services that larger businesses do.

“Elevate Accounting love dealing with start-ups. The team has co-founded and invested in numerous ventures and are the accountants for Spacecubed, Riff and Flux, the largest start-up hubs in Perth.”

elevate accounting – start up’s

Elevate’s start-up advice includes:

  • Business Model and Revenue Model design
  • Cash Management and forecasting
  • Investor Deck Preparation

Need advice on your Start-Up? Learn more about Elevate Accounting HERE


Business structures are fundamentally important but often overlooked.

Whether you are a Sole Trader, operating under a Partnership or Company structure, or setting up a Trust, the structure of your business determines costs, liabilities, tax, assets and more.

The right business structure from day one ensures the protection of intellectual property, preserving cash flow, accessing Research and Development concessions, encouraging investment and, additionally, allowing future liquidity events (sale, IPO, succession).

“Whether you are a start-up, scale-up or establishing an investment vehicle, Elevate can assist to determine the best structure for you. Once a structure is planned we work with the lawyers to implement the structure and incorporate the entities.”

elevate accounting – structuring your business

When structuring a business, Elevate can assist in the following ways:

  • Company and Trust Setup
  • Asset & IP Protection
  • Tax Minimisation
  • Shareholders Agreement

Board Advisory

Boards and Directors have an important role to play in the governance, risk, and strategy of their organisation.

As the company continues to grow, the Board needs to be able to adapt and meet changes and challenges – maintaining sustainability of the business while handling the demands of both the industry and investment stakeholders.

The ability to be able to make informed decisions is reliant on a successful management of financial reporting and corporate obligations within their business landscape.

“As business accountants, Elevate Accounting understand far more than just numbers. The team offer support and guidance across all facets of the business to ensure start-up founders can focus on development without the risk of overlooking fundamental business requirements.”

elevate accounting – board advisory

Elevate’s Board Advisory involves:

  • Monthly KPI Reporting
  • Financing Strategy
  • Corporate Secretarial

Find out more

To learn more about how Elevate Accounting can help the start up of your new business, book your obligation free chat HERE.


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